Help CPS celebrate 40 years of work for education justice with special guest Congressman Jamaal Bowman!

October 19, 2023 @ 7:00PM — 8:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Help CPS celebrate 40 years of work for education justice with special guest Congressman Jamaal Bowman! image

It's time to celebrate CPS's 40 years of education justice work!

We hope you will join us on Thursday, October 19, at 7pm (by Zoom) to celebrate 40 years of education justice work, to honor the many people who have given so much of their time and talent, and to look ahead at our challenges and opportunities.

We are thrilled that Congressman Jamaal Bowman has agreed to be our special guest speaker. Congressman Bowman is a former public school educator from the Bronx and has sponsored the "More Teaching, Less Testing Act." Read Congressman Bowman's biography here. And read about the More Teaching, Less Testing Act here.

The event is free, but we welcome and encourage your donations to Citizens for Public Schools so that we can continue to offer events like this and more. Registration and donation options are below. Checks may be mailed to CPS at PO Box 470823, Brookline, MA 02447.

We will listen to and have a conversation with Congressman Bowman about his work in Congress for public education. We will view a special video about CPS's history of accomplishments. And we will honor many of the people who helped make all of our accomplishments possible.

After over 40 years of work, we can’t stop now. In some ways, it has become even harder, as we fight some of the same battles we thought we’d won, from the attempts to stop schools from teaching about race and racism, including book bannings and censorship, to the attacks on gender rights and the dismantling of affirmative action.

With your help, we will keep up the good fight and, as John Lewis often said, keep up the “good trouble.” We hope to see you at our Celebration!

Our host committee and sponsors (in formation) include: Steve Backman, Rep. Ruth Balser, Laura Barrett, Noah Berger, Darcie Boyer, Mike Canavan, Susan Cohen, Richard, Cole, Alison Conant, Mary Cummings, Jennifer Debin, Sheila Decter, Betsy Drinan, Eleanor Duckworth, Senator Jamie Eldridge, Enid Eckstein, Suzanne Federspiel, Barbara Fields, Dan French, Ellie Goldberg, Tom Gosnell, Sharon Hessney, Alain Jehlen, Senator Pat Jehlen, Janet Kolodner, Roberto Jimenez Rivera, Julie Johnson, Ruth Kaplan, Karen Kast-McBride, Phil Katz, Anika Kemmler-Ernst, Jacqueline King, Jonathan King, Beth Kontos, Louis Kruger, Christine Langhoff, Krista Magnuson, Harry Margolis, Deborah McCarthy, Jean McGuire, Jesse Mermell, Bob Miller, Monty Neill, Peter Norris and Amy Rugel, Max Page, Paula Parnagian, Mary Rizzuto, Ruth Rodriguez, Jakira Rogers, Alan Jay Rom, Ricardo Rosa, Go Sasaki, Marilyn Segal, Norma Shapiro, Wendy Schoener, Lynn Shyevitch, Carolyn Silva-Sanchez, Frank Smizik, Suleika Soto, Jessica Tang, Brendan Walsh, Larry Ward, Jessica Wender-Shubow, Peggy Wiesenberg.

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