We're not giving up the fight for our schools! image

We're not giving up the fight for our schools!

You give us the power we need to overcome big $$ and protect public education!

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When public schools are under attack, what do we do? Fight back!

Our public school students, families and educators need you more than ever!

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that we are all connected and must stay connected to survive and thrive. Through the many challenges of the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen that our public schools are absolutely essential to support the whole child and the whole community.

COVID has laid bare what we have long known: Racial inequities are pervasive in our public education system. That means we must rededicate ourselves to naming and fighting systemic racism in our schools and society.

These lessons underscore the urgent importance of your ongoing support to promote, preserve and protect equitable access to quality public education.

With your support, we’ve fought together with our friends and allies and won significant victories over the past four years.

In 2016, a ballot question to expand charters went down to a spectacular defeat. And last year, we won the historic passage of the Student Opportunity Act. But now we must push the legislature and governor to keep the promise and fund the SOA. We must also address the ongoing challenges of privatization and keep up the pressure for reform of our MCAS-driven assessment and accountability system.

Let's fight harder than ever to realize our vision for public education:

  • Equitably funded schools for every student.
  • Better ways to assess student learning and school quality and engaging, project-based learning.
  • Racial and educational justice for all and an end to the school-to-prison pipeline and the negative impact of police in our schools.

Please give whatever you can so we can all stay connected in this fight! (And wear masks!)

Thank you and stay safe.