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We Need Your Help to Cherish Our Schools

Support our End-of-Year Campaign. Help grow our people power to stand up to big money and protect and support public education. (Note - Gifts made after midnight on 12/31 will be credited to 2020 tax year)

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Cherish Our Schools: Defend Public Education!

You are a crucial part of the CPS community of students, parents, educators & partners. We count on you in the fight to realize our vision of schools that educate the whole child, for every child in the Commonwealth. In doing so, we are striving to live up to the Massachusetts Constitution, which says that we must "cherish" our schools.

This fall, years of our collective work has paid off. Both houses of the legislature unanimously passed versions of historic legislation to invest $1.5 billion in our schools (phased in over seven years) and bring some equity for those most in need. We envision schools in every community with enough resources to provide engaging, project-based learning; rich, well-rounded curricula; libraries, social workers, nurses and wraparound supports to meet the needs of children and families! CPS and our members' voices will be even more important in 2020, as we speak up and insist that the new resources support our long-sought vision.

We are powered by our grass roots supporters. Every gift is appreciated and makes a difference.

Thank you for your gift to help make this vision a reality!

***FROM 12/27-12/31 gifts will be matched by a generous board member so your gift will have double the impact!